Initiatives and Programmes

1.Consultations on "Advocacy Strategies and the Role of Media in Elimination of Leprosy in the High Endemic States".

Consultations to evolve the strategies were held at Raipur and New Delhi, followed by consultations in the high endemic states of India.

2.Advocacy and Media -

a.Media workshop in Jan'05.
b.Concept of Madhyamdoot
c.Publication of the Last Mile

Along with elimination, tackling the social problem of leprosy is a very delicate and an important issue, and has many dimensions to it. The challenge is in removing the misconceptions, the stigma associated with the disease, and changing the mindsets of the people.

3.The Last Mile -

a.National Programme on 27 Jan'05 held at Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti, New Delhi.
b.Honoring the 'Lokdoots'.
c.The bi-monthly newsletter 'The Last Mile' was launched
d.The participation of scouts & guides under the leadership of the commissioner Shri. Ranga Rao was initiated.

4.ILU focuses on the Human Rights -

A.UN Sub Commission meeting on Human Rights on 18/19 March'05 at Pune.
B.Research with a focus on Human Rights -
a.Research Perception studies in Thane district.
b.Research in the different states Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and Orissa on human rights and discrimination.
c.Review of laws that create discrimination - A panel of experts to recommend amendments in the existing legal framework, laws, rules and programmes has been commissioned and is presently working on the subject.

5.Focus on the Families and children Living in the shadow of leprosy and HIV/AIDS -

a.Workshop on Issues Surrounding Families and children Living in the shadow of leprosy and HIV/AIDS on 10/11 May, 2005.
Foundation for Elimination of Leprosy - FELI - an initiative of ILU working in the area of sponsorship.