Human Rights and Leprosy

ILU focuses on the Human Rights and Discrimination in Leprosy

Discrimination against leprosy affected persons had never been taken up by any international human right body until Yohei Sasakawa, WHO Goodwill Ambassador for Elimination of Leprosy appealed to the UN Office of High Commissioner on Human Rights in July 2003. Sasakawa's continuous appeal moved the UN Sub Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights and in August 2004, at its fifty-sixth session, 26 members of the Sub-Commission unanimously adopted a resolution entitled "Discrimination against leprosy victims and their families." By this resolution, the Commission appointed a special rapporteur to work on study of the current state of discrimination against leprosy affected people in the world.

The UN Sub-commission, at its 56th Session, requested Prof. Yozo Yokota to prepare a preliminary working paper on discrimination against leprosy victims and their families, to be submitted to the 57th Session of the Sub-commission.

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