Human Rights Grievances Redressal Cell [HRGRC] Phase VI was established supported by Sasakawa Memorial Health Foundation [SMHF], Japan


Training Programme organized at pune

As a part of capacity building training programme, ILU organized a training programme on 25 July to 27 July 2014 for the coordinators from 11 states namely Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Odisha, Jharkhand and Delhi. Out of these 11 states, coordinators from first seven states were present. It was a three-day workshop and was inaugurated at the hands of Shri. Ram Naik, former Petroleum Minister- Govt. of India. On the third day of the day workshop. ILU specially felicitated Dr. P.K. Gopal, former Chairman of National Forum India on receiving prestigious Padmashree award by Govt. of India as a note of recognition for his work in the field of leprosy.

Meeting with Union Law and Justice Secretary Shri. P. K. Malhotra

Shri Ram Naik & few members of the committee like Shri. R. H. Belavadi & Shri. V. K. Deshpande met the Union Law & Justice Secretary shri. P.K. Malhotra & appraised him the work of parliamentary petition committee & emphasized the need of amending certain laws affecting adversely LAPs even though they are obsolete. Shri. Malhotra promised to look into it & try to expedite the action needed. Accordingly, ILU received a letter from Shri. P. K. Malhotra, in which he stated that the matter is in process to obtain views of various ministries to amend the discriminatory laws.

Talk Show on Pune Aakashwani [Radio](792 KHz)

ILU Observed the world leprosy day on 30 January the death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi by arranging a talk show where Shri. Sanket Chiplunkar, Programme Officer & Dr. Shah of Bandorwala Hospital participated. Shri. Sanket Chiplunakar discussed various issues pertaining to present condition of LAPs, stigma attached to the leprosy, general misconceptions about leprosy and need for social integration, economic rehabilitation, human rights etc of LAPs.

Human Rights

National Committee on Human Rights of Leprosy Affected Persons [LAPs]

On the last day of the training programme at Pune, an idea came out that a National Committee on Human Rights of Leprosy Affected Persons should be formed. It was proposed that Shri. Ram Naik, former Petroleum Minister should be the President, Dr. S. D. Gokhale, Hon. President ILU to be the Vice President and Shri. Suresh Kaul, President Saarathak Maanav Kushthashram, Jaipur to be the Secretary of the committee. It was further decided that there should be about 10 members on the advisory committee, representing human rights commission, judiciary, legal experts as well as leprosy workers from other states. Shri. R.H. Belavadi, Vice President ILU would represent Maharashtra, while other names were being considered.

A committee was formed under the President ship of Shri. Ram Naik, who apart from a former Petroleum Minister, is a sensitive person toward the issue of human rights of LAPs. The first meeting took place on 23 November 2012 at R.Venkataraman Hall, CASP Bhavan Pune to discuss and safeguard the human rights of LAPs. More importantly, the steps to be taken up to amend the discriminatory laws pertaining to LAPs. On 6 August 2012, Dr. S. D. Gokhale and Shri. Ram Naik addressed a press conference held in Mumbai. It was regarding the formation of Human Rights Committee for Leprosy Affected Persons [LAPs].

State Coordinators Meeting at Ajmer, Rajasthan

ILU in collaboration with Saarthak Maanav Kushthashram Ajmer organized a meeting on 21 October 2012 to review the work of state coordinators. It was held at Ajmer, Rajasthan. Shri. R. H. Belavadi inaugurated & guided the meeting.

A general observation came out from the meeting was that the stigma attached has been reduced considerably. Now days, the LAPs do not face discrimination at a fundamental level. Earlier, they were denied entries in hotels, theatres, buses/railways/rickshaws, hair salon etc. however, situation is improved a great deal. The coordinators and colony leaders from various colonies of Rajasthan reported us that they do not face any discrimination or bad treatment from society. We feel that, this is a success of collective work of the social organizations like ILU, SMHF etc.


The Human Rights Grievances Redressal Cell operates for all the LAPs living in the self-settled leprosy colonies & outside. ILU received 152 cases from phase 1(2007-08) to phase 6(2012-13) out of that Redressal has been achieved for 93 cases, therefore we can say that we have achieved 65% result till date & if there will be Redressal for remaining 40 cases which have been sent to NHRC.